Rugby cannot overlook contact issues and stoppages undermining game

Rugby union’s top guns are preparing for one last mission. That should make this among the sport’s most high profile weekends, with no fewer than four big series deciders taking place on the same day. Not since the 2011 Rugby World Cup quarter-finals weekend in New Zealand has the southern hemisphere simultaneously hosted so many […]


Costs for emergency allergy injectors still high for some?

People with severe allergies now have more choices for which epinephrine auto-injector to carry in case they suffer a life-threatening attack, and most pay less for it than they did when the EpiPen was the primary option, a new study shows. But for a significant minority, the amount they pay has stayed high—largely due to […]


Pepco revenue rises as inflation-hit shoppers lean on discount stores

Poundland and Dealz owner Pepco Group (PCOP.WA) on Thursday posted a 17.1% rise in third-quarter revenue as cash-strapped shoppers fuelled demand at its expanding chains of discount stores. Revenue rose to 1.21 billion euros ($1.21 billion) on a constant-currency basis in the three months ended June 30, with like-for-like sales gaining 4.9%. The company opened […]


A who’s who of CEOs is begging every school to teach computer science

More than 500 notable people in business, education, and the nonprofit sector are calling for governors and education leaders to update K-12 curriculums to allow “every student in every school to have the opportunity to learn computer science,” according to a new letter posted publicly at The list of signatories includes many prominent figures […]


Headteacher shocked as school’s electricity bill set to rise to £150,000

A headteacher was shocked to find out his school’s energy bill is set to soar by a staggering £95,000. Niall Smith, 51, said the electricity at Southborough High School, Surbiton, in Greater London cost £55,000 this academic year. However, when the estimated bill from Opus Energy landed on his desk on June 27 it showed […]