Overlooked dog spends 460 days in kennels waiting for somebody to notice him

He has nothing but love to give – but hasn’t been given a chance to prove himself.

Nigel, an unknown crossbreed, has been taken in by the RSPCA’s Brighton Animal Centre after spending 460 days being overlooked in his previous rescue centre.

Having been picked up as a stray, the two-year-old doesn’t know what it is like to live with a family – but has learnt valuable skills while waiting for them to come forward for him.

An RSPCA statement reads: “Nigel can still be nervous of strangers but is quick to befriend people (with a few treats thrown in!)

“Nigel knows sit, down, paw and his name on command, is clean in his kennel (so should pick up housetraining easily) and enjoys playing with toys.

“He loves his food and if he thinks you have a treat, he will give you his full attention.”

He needs an experienced dog owner with good “physical strength” as Nigel is a large dog with a lot of power behind him.

The statement adds: “He can be quite mouthy and still very much acts like a pup so his new owner will need to be understanding of this.

“Nigel is dog friendly although he does play quite rough so suits play with equally matched dogs. it’s best to avoid smaller dogs as he doesn’t realise he’s not tiny! He will need a home without cats.

“Nigel is looking for an experienced owner in a rural or semi-rural location and he will need his own garden. He would not suit city life.

“As we have no history on what has happened to him before he was found as a stray, we will be looking for an adult-only home.”

Anyone wishing to adopt Nigel would need to make a few visits to the rescue centre before taking him home.

All dogs rehomed by the RSPCA will have been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped to give owners “a few less things to worry about” when welcoming their pet home.